We would love to have you on the show next week…

Would you be available next Thursday to share your expertise on the Addiction 911 Show?

Over 30,000 viewers watched the Addiction 911 Shows on Facebook Live!

Our viewers are addicts and the loved ones and friends of addicts looking for treatment. See live comments at https://standoutonlinesystem.com/addiction911 

As you know, many addicts and their loved ones are confused as to where to turn for treatment with the vast array of choices presented to them on a google search. They are seekingconnection and a level of trust.

That is why we decided to broadcast our Addiction 911 Show on Facebook Live through a panelist format where we will discuss a current topic in Addiction.

Think of a “CNN Style” format, with up to 10 panelists and one moderator asking probing and important questions for the panelists to debate and comment on.

This format allows us to directly reach tens of thousands of the people who can actually interact with the Addiction Professionals Panelist, live and in real time

The panelist will be perceived as the experts and authorities in the Addiction field and develop trust with the audience.

Each panelist will have the chance to give out his or her contact information, website and phone number for viewers and that information will also be posted on the replay which will be broadcast on ITunes, Podomatic, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook Groups and the Addiction 911 Blog.

Our next show is Thursday, September 7th 2017 at noon EDT. We have only FIVE openings for that show available at the time of this writing.

 If you would like to be on the show or have someone in your company represent you,please click here to register now : http://www.standoutonlinesystem.com/addiction911

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